4 Wood Types for Your Furniture


Furnishing your house is a large part of telling the story of who you are and what you want to project to the world. Many furniture stores in Austin TX sell pieces made of high quality wood. With a plethora of different types of wood out there, it’s important to know what type would work best for you. Let’s take a closer look.

1.    Pine

Nothing brings out the rustic flare like a good set of pine furniture. This inexpensive wood is lightweight with a slightly yellowish tint to it. Its brown knots are unique to each slab and help to create one of a kind pieces.

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It takes paint very well, so you can change up your look at any time. Considered a soft wood, pine is highly susceptible to dents and scratches.

2.    Cherry

This fine, straight grained wood screams elegance. Ranging in color from blonde to reddish brown, it’s most often used for chairs, tables and cabinets.

Easily shapeable, and containing a high tolerance for polish, this is a rather expensive type of wood.

3.    Oak

Very grainy and prone to swirling patterns, oak is a highly durable wood that is nearly impossible to warp. A clear finish will bring out the wood’s natural grain. But a stain could settle into the grain and cause the wood to appear two-toned.

The colors can be anywhere from light brown to pinkish red.

4.    Walnut

This is a straight grained, hardwood that can come in any color from dark brown to yellow. Most headboards are constructed of this material, as well as dining tables and mantels.

Being a very strong wood, it is perfect for carving and creating beautiful works of art. Though it is an expensive wood, there tends to be a wide range of color from just one board.